All is forever well

I may be a fool
And a crazy person
But lucky for meImage result for sri krishna giridhari images
My heart strings are held
In the nimble fingers
Of the Master of the Universe

He doesn’t give me what I seek
But that which I need
To move just a little closer
A step, a moment, a breath
To the space
Of infinite love
Pure existence

Through tears and confusion
Chaos and commotion
Giddy excitement
Fierce joy
I rest within
All is forever well
By His Divine will
For me
And His universe

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Knowing – All is forever well – it takes a lifetime to listen to it and many lifetimes to fathom it! Thank you for sharing and reminding us that All is Well !!

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    1. Yes, Lorraine. Life seems to be a wave of remembering and forgetting – only to go back again to remembering, that peace and pure love. Sending a lot of it your way – right now! With many, many, many hugs, my beautiful friend. xoxo


  2. Beautiful affirmation,and sweet reminder…thank you, my beloved Krishnapriya, and many, many blessings for you today and always…*rainbows in dewy meadow* *Shalom*

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