What is your will, my Lord?

I saw a post in Love’s Beginning (link below) and was inspired to ask, “What is your will for me now, my Lord?”

“Come, sit with me.” He seemed to say, or was it my imagination? I had other things planned, so my mind was hesitant, but in less than a fraction of a second, my all understanding Beloved Divine seemed to whisper, “Come, sit with me! Just for a little bit. Come.”

How could I go empty-handed? I rushed to the garden and found some flowers. I thanked Mother Earth for Her generous blessing. He seemed to be calling me again.

“Coming! Coming!” I yelled out like a Mommy would to her four-year-old while warmingΒ milk for the child. I rushed to the kitchen to fill my lamp with ghee (clarified butter) and rinsed an apple.Image result for gopala sundari images

I ran to the prayer room and decorated the lamp, incense sticks and apple near my Lord’s altar. The flowers rested themselves with joy at His Feet.

As I lit the lamp, I thanked the God of fire and my Lord for His blessings of light. A little glass of water sat next to the apple, as my humble offering. I bowed down to the rivers of life in my heart.

A gentle breeze carried the fragrance of incense all around, and I smiled at it with gratitude. I looked at my Lord; He was smiling. I felt the space between us collapse and a shower of grace upon me and all of creation.

I closed my eyes to feel His magical presence within.

I bowed to Him with love, respect, and adoration.

I thanked the five elements for joining me in this worship.

Thank you beautiful Julie from Love’s Beginning for your sweet inspiration and a heart full of gratitude to you, beloved friends for reading this and joining in this simple celebration of love.

Thanks Julie — https://lovesbeginning.com/2019/02/25/allow-the-voice-of-disturbance-to-melt/

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


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