Learn to be Love

Learn to be loveRelated image
Accept showers of light
Upon your heart
From heaven

Learn to dance
like a butterfly
Smile like a flower

Learn to let go
Contractions and fixed notions

Learn to be free
Not earth bound
And small
But empty and vast

The Universe is in your heart
And you are the heart
Of the Universe
As a single drop of love

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Lovely, my darling Krishnapriya….so dazzlingly simple and clear, thank you for your sweet presence in my morning, in my life and world….blessings and love *rainbows in mist**sunlight through willow branches**4 footprints behind 4 pawprints*

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    1. Thank you for your sweet words, dear Joan. Wishing you a beautiful day today. Drinking in the beauty of sunlight through the will branches and feeling blessed for your companionship on this path, here and now. *love* *hugs* *2 paw prints and 4 footprings — Ari is jumping up*


    1. Thank you for reading. Words appear and i just jot them down. But there is a space – which is completely empty, free – beyond thoughts, feelings, duality – and in that space there is an infinite “Beingness” – In that nothing is all Existence – don’t know if it makes sense? Sadhana – music, japa, dhyaan takes us there – gives us a glimpse, Grace holds us there and i don’t know how to explain it in words – so maybe “empty and vast” is not appropriate. What do you think? πŸ™‚

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  2. This is so beautiful krishna. I have not been getting notifications of when you post. I will try and fix that. Missed you terribly ❀️

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      1. That’s fine Krishna.. sometimes it becomes difficult to balance personal and social life..
        Even I am couldn’t be consistent here.
        Visit WP when u get time. Have a great week ahead..

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