A Single Tear

A single tear
From my heartRelated image
Went searching
For Your Feet

In temples, mountains
Holy places, rivers
She searched with fear
What is she evaporates?
Before she finds You

She ran, she flew,
She looked, she tried
Desperate, exhausted
She gave up

You came
Embraced her
She realized
A shower of Grace

Sri Krishna Sharanam


      1. i just wrote it without thinking much, i guess. maybe it makes no sense — oh so so so very luckily, Sri Krishna knows our hearts. He is living in them and laughing. Jai Sri Krishna πŸ™‚


      2. I am sorry. We all have our own interpretation and nothing is right or wrong. Your intention is so beautiful I just want to try to add to your original thoughts. I think this is what enhance the experience and makes us long for more and more of such ecstasy… such experiences that cannot be expressed in words, that can be expressed by bodily symptoms like hair hanging on end pupils dilating… sometimes even losing consciousness for some time etc

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      3. No no no not at all. By saying sorry I meant my inadequacy to understand that deep but a very different kind of longings of Krishna at different levels of expression, perception and presumptions in each one of us…one trying to outdo or outwit the other… but in the end we are all in the same platform seeking the grace of God through our own (frivolous) ways…::) the only common understanding is that we are living in a unreal world and that it is the reflections of the actual reality… it’s this thought that keeps us expressing the same thoughts time and again, again and again!!! as we are trying to break the shackles of our very very existence…

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    1. Fortunately for me, your sweet, sublime poem is not about science, but the symbols we use when no human language will ssuffice…meanwhile you carry me away to the heart of my own longing, the place where the questionand the answer are One….blessings, and much sweet love, my beloved Krishnapriya *children splashing in rain**sunbeams through clouds**hand raised to Heaven*`

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      1. Yes indeed – i love your words (ok, no surprise here) — but have to say it — the question and answer are One….Wow! What a simple, powerful and beautiful statement – our life in a nutshell. Thank you again and again – and then some more! *Dancing Rainbows with clapping children*


  1. @krishnapriya108…i was just looking for this kind of a beautiful lotus feet of Krishna…so beautifully decorated with tulasi..flowers..jewels and resplendent clothes that i dont want to look at anything else for sometime…i also just dont feel the need to roam anywhere…just land my tears on any of the tulasi leaves over here and i think that would be more than enough!

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  2. Indeed, the tear’s journey is the journey of that soul which realized the goal of reaching god and yet is afraid of loosing the body during pursuit and the fear of starting all over again.

    A poem that really resonated with some hidden element in me. The rhyme of this poem is not in words, but in the agony to reach divine. The agony that Meera had or Tyagaraja had, the yearning to see lord. I must agree with humble heart that this poem is a sublime level. I don’t know how much you see in it, but I see a whole different world in it. I guess this poem came through you than you framing it.

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    1. A nice scene visited my mind for which, the seed is your poem. I am writing the scene as follows. It’s spontaneous

      Tear after searching
      Here and there, loosing
      The will to look, becoming
      Feeble and faint, started
      The inward contemplation.

      Thus frozen in her own space
      Immobile in the thought scape
      meditated for lord, And yearned for God

      SUN tried to burn,
      CLOUD tried to engulf,
      WIND tried to vanquish,
      EARTH tried to pull

      Withstanding all, not standing god’s dismissal
      The tear decides to merge in SKY
      With the HOPE to meet him High

      Then came the lord of Gopis, Satisfied
      With the self surrendrance, bestowed
      The boon of what ever she desired!

      Tear touched his teary eye, And
      Made a replica of itself in his eye, Then
      Uniting with it became one with it,
      Lord tried to find where it went, And
      Realized, it couldn’t be distinguished from his own
      Understanding that the devotees tear was his own
      Ammused at his own Maya,
      Smiled into the puddle of Joy that was the stary Sky!

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      1. Sooooo beautiful — a single tear becomes a puddle of Joy! Words fail me – The scene is magical and my heart is bursting with gratitude that is inexpressible in words. Thank YOU! Again and again! May the Lord of the Gopis lift us to dance with Him.

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    2. OMG! I just can’t believe your words — these are EXACTLY what i felt – as the words appeared in my heart.
      The journey of life – trying, hoping, fearing it will be too little too late. But going back again to crying to Him! Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanam. πŸ™‚

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