Gopis and the Flute

Gopis, the beautiful damsels of Vrindavan who loved Sri Krishna with all their heart, soul and every breath, cornered His flute one day.  Our saints say that there were vast numbers of them – across ages, with different names and forms, but linked together as one heart.  The heart beating in Sri Krishna’s love.

“What is your secret? Tell us, tell us, tell us.” They yelled at the Flute in unison.

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Alone in the middle of these beautiful young girls, the flute was flabbergasted.  “Secret?” He muttered.

“Yes, secret.” Said Neeraja, a Gopi with gorgeous eyes that sparkled like thunder as she took Sri Krishna’s flute to task, “How come you are always with Sri Krishna. Touching what rightfully belongs to us? Never leaving Him?”

“What? How?” The flute stammered.

“Yes, yes,” Svelte Jhansi entered the conversation, “We are girls who love and pine for Him, every minute every day. And you, you…” Her voice broke.

“You hold on to His lips, and He puts you on His waist band when He is not using you,” Neeraja remarked.

“And, friends, do you know I have heard…” before the youngest Gopi Priya could finish, the others gathered around her, all ears. “I have heard that even at night too, the flute is by His pillow.”  Priya glared at the flute along with all her Gopi sisters.

The flute prayed to the Master of the Universe and waited.

“Enough talk. Let’s get this flute to tell us, dear friends. Tell us, tell us, tell us.” It was Neeraja with sparkling eyes, back at the forefront of the conversation.

“What do you want to know?” The supremely blessed flute whispered.

“What did you do? To be so beloved to Him?” Towering over the flute and all the other girls, Nirmala spoke out.

“What did I do? Nothing. I didn’t do anything.” The flute blurted out.

“Then….how?”  As if in answer to their silence and unasked question, the flute asked, “Do you want to know my story?” His sweet voice made the hearts of the Gopis melt. “Yes, please.” Was the unanimous response.

“I was just a bamboo stalk, a young one at that.  Everyday Sri Krishna would walk by and all of us would pry to catch a glimpse of the Lord, His beautiful Lotus Feet, His smile, and pray for a touch of His gentle hands upon us, or maybe a smile.”

The flute paused to catch his breath as the Gopis cried, “And then?”

“One day, the Lord came close to me.  I was standing in front of my father, the tallest and strongest bamboo stalk along the banks of River Jamuna.  My heart was beating with joy nonpareil.”

The Gopis nodded; Sri Krishna has that impact, they knew. Just thinking of Him fills our heart with sweet joy.

The flute took a breath to relax. “Our Lord was looking in my direction, but I thought He must be looking at my father.  “I need a favor.’ He said and I turned to look at my father and hear his response. But…but…”

His voice broke and the Gopis wondered, “Do even flutes cry, like us humans?”

“Let me make a long story short. Our Divine Master touched me and asked me if I would be His own.”

“We are His own already, aren’t we?” The Gopis asked each other as if in a daze.

“That is what I told Him and gently, oh so very gently, he took me in His hands and with tears in His eyes carved out a flute from my being.” Again the flute’s voice broke and the Gopis asked him, “Did it hurt you, is that why you are crying?”

“Oh no! I am crying at His tears. His love for me. I did not do anything and He took me, and even now I don’t do anything. Just stay in His hands. He plays me as He likes. His breath is my life. I don’t do anything.”

“You don’t do anything!”  The Gopis repeated.

“I stay in His hands, and when He decides, our hearts’ beloved holds me in His waist band. When we go home, He puts me under his pillow. I don’t do anything.”

“You don’t do anything!” The Gopis said once more.

“Yes, dear Gopis. I am empty. He fills me.”

“You don’t do anything!”

“He holds me and keeps me where He likes. I stay there.”

“You don’t do anything!”

“I am His, to do as He pleases, when and how He likes.”

“Yes, we know now, dear flute,” The Gopis replied, “You don’t do anything.”

Would you like to join me, dear friends, in praying along with Gopis? To become empty. To do nothing. To let go of the ego, mental calculations, physical needs; Just be, empty. Ready to let the Universe make our lives a simple, sweet instrument in this magical cosmic symphony.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama








  1. Loved the little flute and her story. I am trying to be empty with no fear – away from everything – and it is easy – just don’t do anything!! Thank You for such a beautiful story!

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  2. The story was so apt with what we need to do with our Lord, just surrender and let him take us by his hand and as we come from nothing and have to go into nothing, let us rejoice with him just like the flute did and gave up his all to the Lord. Awesome story, Krishnapriya. Loved it.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet words, dear Kamal. It feels so simple and easy – to let the Lord hold our hand. i pray to Him to keep His maya away so we can see His hand and walk towards Him alone and rest in that truth and silence. Can’t express in words how blessed i feel to connect with you. Hugs, hugs, hugs and then some more! 💕🌻


      1. Welcome my dearest friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️, Krishnapriya. I absolutely agree totally with your true words. But he has to make us play his Maya too cause we r living in a world of illusion and he has to play every role in us. He knows each one of us and is always protecting us. We have to only surrender to him. Same here I too feel so connected with you dear and so nice to have you as my beautiful friend ❤️❤️❤️. Love and light to you.

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      2. i love your words here — “He knows each of us and is always protecting us.” Such a blessing to read it and feel that faith smile from your heart to mine. Thank You! Thank YOu! Thank you, dear beloved Kamal. 🙂

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      3. Thank you too always my dear friend, Krishnapriya and it is all our beloved Meher Baba and his words that pour out from Him to all of us. He is our constant companion at all times. The same Avatar coming at all times in different forms. Welcome dear. Love & Light to you from your beautiful Krishna. Jai Sri Krishna.

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  3. Krishnapriya, we fill our hearts with moh maya, ego, pride, anger, lust and so many material things that we leave no place for the lord’s grace and love to enter. The beautiful flute tale just tells us how to empty our hearts of all the grime and fill it up with His benevolent love ❤️🙏. Thanks for this reminder .

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    1. You are so, so, so right dear Radhika. I feel its beyond my ability even to empty it –just calling Him. He can do the rest. 🙂 Emptying and filling and whatever else He likes. Sri Krishna Paramatma ki Jai! 🙂 Feel so grateful to read and contemplate your words. Thank you!

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  4. so beautiful…similar is the story of the conch panchajanya that is empty (i mean just filled with the mundane material element air) but when filled with the breath of Lord Shri Krishna…becomes so joyful….and shining and surcharged with the everlasting radiance (just like it never loses its shine even when continuously heated) …fills Prince Dhruva with bliss and knowledge when touched his forehead and filled with serenity when Lord Narasimha touches Little Prahlada on his forehead and then the spontaneous prayers to the Lord after that by the (kids), can only be listened to/read only to realise the abundant infinite glory of Lord Naarayaana!

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    1. Om Namo Narayanaya. So beautiful. Yes the Panchajanya is the same – i remember reading the Dhruva story in Bhagavatam – but what is the spontaneous prayers by kids to the Lord? Thank you for sharing such sweet insight and wisdom!


  5. Dhruva Mahārāja Returns Home – Canto 4 Chapter 9 – Verses 4 – 17 –

    A coincidence Prahalad’s prayer also Chapter 9 but Canto 7 – Verses 5 – 50
    (here Lord Narasimha’s hand holding the conch touching Prahalada’s forehead
    Prahlāda Pacifies Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva with Prayers

    Similarly the blowing of Panchajanya rattled the hearts of Duryodhana’s army and brought joy to Pandavas in Kurukshethra!

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  6. Panchajanya story is told in related to Tulsi when she was forced to accept a demon as a husband and Later Sankachuda became an ornament and also a weapon to Lord Krishna in form of a conchshell. The story of Panchajanya is also mentioned in 10th canto as part of Shri Krishna’s pastimes!

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    1. Krishna Priya and Rajini: I have been taken closer to Krishna by you two devotees, at every step of wisdom exchange. I feel like to express my though in related to Panchajanya, I hope that’s ok.

      Let’s take Panchajanya and conch I’m a symbolo fashion. Conch does not actually sound because air is filled in it, as air is already in it. It sounds because the air in it resonates. So, the lord’s breath, the LIFE element is blown into “Panchajanya” the birth place of Five : the five elements, five senses, five organs etc., Which is classic symbol to our “Pancha bhautika Sareera” or physical body. So, when lord permits the Kiva in the shell or body to resonate with his plan ( breath here), Kiva is liberated and hence produces a Primordial OM ( of shankha). This threatens the evil lords Dhrutarashtra ( blind king: Ego) and his sons ( bi products of EGO).

      I just wishes to share it. Thanks Rajini and Krishna Priya for wonderful insights to each other and through that, to the world of devotees. They really do kindle the hidden devotee in me.

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      1. Thank you so much! Feel so happy that the Lord touched your heart gently through this exchange – it is all His leela, the words mean nothing (at least mine!).
        Love, love, love your explanation about the Panchajanya. He pours His prana in the flute and touches the hearts of Gopis with pure love, He pours His prana in the Panchajanya and fills the hearts of the cruel with fear. What a Master leeladhar! What else can we do but love Him? And dance in the magic of His mysterious presence? Thank YOU sooooo much! Hare Krishna! 🙂


      2. Indeed. Flute (classical indian) has 9holes to represent the human body with 9 primary orifices and tenth canal to represent the yoni of woman through which the child ( music )of the one who plays ( Krishna’s breath) comes out. That is why Flute is considered one of the revered instruments in scriptures. Now what you say links deeper.

        I wrote two articles and added my flute recital in them. May be you will like it. (Music genre in menu of my blog. As I am on mobile, it’s lil hard to copy paste links here.sorry.)

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      3. Thank you! Will go search for them. I am in awe of all you know and feel blessed to be able to read and listen. My prayers that Mother Divine spread your light, love and wisdom to many, many open minds and dancing hearts! Jai Maa Bhagavati!

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  7. Oh, such a sweet, perfect tale, thank you, my darling, beloved Krishnapriya…and in perfect tune with my own post this day….should I be surprised when our hearts beat as one in so many ways? Blessings and love, love love to you across the miles, and beneath this singular sky which unites us/All with the One *sunbeams through mist**daffodils in mist**hearts entwined in starlilight*

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    1. i loved, loved, loved your words “Open” The themes of waiting, emptiness resound in my heart and i rejoice as the Dew of renewal arrives. Thank you for your sweet fellowship and magical presence on this journey! *much love* *many hugs*


  8. I do love this story of how Sri Krishna’s flute came to be. So full of symbolism, how we have to empty ourselves, rid ourselves of the dross of our past habits and conditioning, to make ourselves ready to do His will. Great post. Thank you. Anita

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