I adore You

I adore You
Worship You
Related image
Not seeking
Heavens and health
Fame and wealth

But because
Just because
Only because
I love You

I chain Your Feet
To my heart
You chain my life
In Your arms

What a beautiful jail
To live in
What a sublime jail
To die for

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. oh yes, a place of secure and never-ending joy….a garden blooming with Love Divine….in every hue and shaped and sweet-smelling scent….a place of joy and song and the silence of being, of knowinng,j of loving, of being loved and embraced…of bliss. Blessings and love to yyou, my sweet, darling Krishnapriya, love your words, and you *birds flying among sunlit clouds**children dancing and smiling**hearts entwined in starlight*

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  2. to sum everything up in just 2 words… “Unconditioned Love”! or to further simplify in just one word… “Surrender”! or Sweet Surrender to make it even more better πŸ™‚

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