It’s okay or is it?

It’s okay
To let it goImage result for blue skies images
It’s okay
To let it flow
In the waters of grace.

Wait, wait!
It’s not okay
Its awesome
To flow with grace
Feel that empty space
Within your heart
Holding the universe
In the smile
OfΒ  grace.

Inspired by these words from my dear friend Joey Blue, who writes with strangers:
Let It Go Again | Short Poem Number 72

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. let it these these words…is these actions? what do we have to “let to go” ? “let it go” is such a powerful combination of words…these words are so deep and profound than one can imagine…for that imagination is itself in an empty space..the mind that no one one one feels where it is in our body…that is in an empty space…but it’s still there in our body that binds everything…but wait…still that imagination comes out of mind gives rise to thoughts…thoughts gives rises to actions…it’s action that binds us to this world if we think we are the doer in the form of karma…if we think that everything is being done by the modes of material nature and that we are merely an instrument in the hands of Krishna…the reverse takes place…actions melts into thoughts..thoughts go back to imagination…and imagination goes back to the mind and to the very empty space from where it originates…then where is the question of our existence in this universe after the soul leaves the body…it’s just the same as something at the macro level, the forward principles of creation and the reverse principles of dissolution…and the cycle keeps continuing perpetually…if we understand this and assimilate it within ourselves…where is the question of envy…greed…hatred…comparison etc among us?

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    1. Wow! These are such profound and beautiful thoughts. The creation and dissolution — moving from the material to spiritual, from our world of karma to His of only pure love. Thank you so, so, so very much Rajini. Really appreciate your deep thoughts and sharing. Jai Sri Krishna

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      1. Normally when people say, “let it go” — it is to ease the mental burden in our material existence. But when we are in tune with the universe, not holding on to doership – it is Grace and that is of course amazing. That is how i was feeling – but i could not have explained it without reading your words. Thank you! Praying to be empty instrument in HIs hands. Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama.

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  2. Such sweetness in the letting go…in the understanding that All is the flow, the current moving and stustaining each of us. We may reach for empty lands, the sands of the tangible crumbling in our hands…only to return, to be drawn back into the wondrous flow once more…blessings and sweetness to you, dear, darling Krishnapriya, as we bob and flow together with joy and light under the singular sky *blue/red fuchsia flowers**yellow butterflies**wind in willow branches*

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    1. So happy to see Ari’s face and hear your words once more, deep in my heart and smile with the rainbows and beautiful butterflies. Thank you for your insight – if i understood it right, please correct me if not — We plan and work and try to do and then come back to the flow and then back again – the spiral that defines our life – moment by moment. *love, love, love* *embracing hearts and clapping hands*

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      1. hy,Love the idea of spiralling rather than linear movement…dipping back to Love Divine, renewing and refreshing…in the sweet clarity of Divinity…blessings and much love to you, my darling Krishnapriya *4feet behind 4 pawprints**sunlight on morning dew**embracing hearts*

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      2. Somehow i missed all your last few poems and was just going to ask you about yourself and your writing – when i thought i should hop over and check and what a TREAT it has been for me. Your writing touches my heart in such a playful, deep and magical way. Feel so, so, so blessed to travel this road with you. Thank YOU again and again – and then yet again *hearts dancing in magic of spiralling rainbows*


  3. Reminded me of the nursery rhyme that we read to our daughter:

    Row Row Row the boat – Gently Down the Stream!
    Merrily Merrily Merrily – Life is but a dream!

    So letting go as we go down our lives! Thank You for such a graceful scribe!

    Jai Maa!

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