Grace of Contentment

Thoughts flicker in my mind
And images dance
Related image
Sweet memories
Bring a desire
For re-runs

Past traumas
Explode as fear
Of repetitions

I watch them come
And then they go
The present moment
Showers upon me
Gentle grace of contentment
All is well, here and now.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Your poem absolutely reflects my learning in the journey of life. This is where I finally want to be, completely in the moment under his grace. Thanks so much Krishnapriya for this divine message in the morning 🙏💕

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    1. Yes, what a blessing for us to at know this – our desire to live each moment in Grace. Feel so blessed to read your words and think about this too. Thank you, dear dear Radhika for being such a sweet companion on this journey of life. 🙂

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  2. oh, such sweetness to be able to read your words again, to hear you voice whisper beside me what is in my own heart! Let us dance in this moment of grace, together in the Presence…such joy to feel the One ever near…let us sing and rejoice and clap our hands like the children we are, the children of Love Divine, of the One Who is ever near. Blessings, my darling Krishnapriya, blessings and sweetness and much love *sunlight dappling willow branches**chileren singing**four foutprints behing four pawprints*n

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    1. All of life seems to be just one class with a single lesson — learn to live in that sweet Presence, moment by moment, breath by breath. What a delight and blessing to have you and the four little paw prints in front to walk on this journey – with, in and for that One glorious love and multi-dimensional brilliant light. Thank YOU, my dear dear dear beloved Joan, again and again. Love, love, love and huuuggggs


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