My thoughts and You

My thoughts scatter
Like feathersRelated image
In gusty winds
Can I gather them?
Find them and clasp them all?
Stuff them in a little paper bag?

They run
I scramble behind them
Here one, there another
Got you
Oops! Missed that one
They are too fast
And my bag too small

I give up
Just sit
A smile appears
A knowing
That You, my beloved
Are here
Still Presence
Beyond thought
Running, scrambling

The paper bag is in the recycle bin
I am in Your arms
Of love

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


      1. Just got really busy Kamal with traveling and work. Will come soon to drink the gems you post – that quench the thirst of my soul – in your site. πŸ™‚


      1. Oh dear krishna. Hope you can get some rest soon. No priblems at all. I miss you when you are gone though ❀️

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      2. You are just such a sweet and wondrous blue poppy soul sister for me. Feel blessed and grateful to be with you on this journey to Eternity. Thank You, my dearest Lorraine.


  1. oh, so sweet to find your words, you, on my path this morning. My beloved Krishnapriya, how perfectly you tell the situation, and the reality…how sublime to find those moments of kinowing, of Presence, love Divine made evident to us…thank you…and thank you always for sharing this journey, dancing beside in joy and love, in song and silence, blessings and much love to you, sweet friend *sunlight upon garden blooms**rainbows**yellow butterflies and dancing children*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So nice to see you and Ari here too! Once more we are together dancing children with Ari’s paw prints leading the way – to sunshine, singing rainbows and dancing butterflies. Thank You for your presence in my life.


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