What miracle is this?

My sister sent me an email. “Just chant these names of God, miracles will ensue.”

I begin,

Achyutaya Namaha, Anantaya Namaha
Govindaya Namaha, Madhavaya Namaha

Sweetness fills my lips,
My life is complete

Golden light swirls
All around me
Like cotton candy
My life is complete

Like a stream in the river,
The river in the ocean,
The ocean in the clouds,
The clouds in the rain
I dissolve in sweetness
Of pure existence

What miracle is this?

I learnt today, singing these names – the physical conditions may not change, but my heart is lifted. Image result for images sri krishna

She voyages right up to the lap of the Universe – where sweetness dances with love and peace smiles.

My heart like tendrils of a creeper reaches out to you from the computer screen and invites you. Please join in this journey of sweet miracles. Thank you!

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama




  1. Totally agree! Achyuta..Ananta…Kesava…Maadhava…Govinda…Vaamana…Trivikrama….Shreedhara…Rishikesa…Padmanabha…Damodara…Naarayaa….Vishnave…Krishna.. so sweet are the names of the Lord…what else is required…

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  2. Bhagavan always will protect you and family members dear 😊 Bhagavan comes in the form of problems too to relieve us from prarabdha karma and strengthen our bhakti and jnana. Sometimes, certain problems appear in order to protect us from big problems. Last year, my sister joined job after kid turned 1 year and while there, my mother’s hand broke and once she got okay, sister caught extrapulmonary tuberculosis and hyperthyroidism and had to resign the job. She had surgery and luckily, it was a noncancerous tumor concerned with tuberculosis. It wasn’t communicating and kid and our mother too were safe and not affected. Once they shifted here to Trivandrum from Ernakulam and just 2 days after their belongings reached Trivandrum, big flood happened and Trivandrum and Kasaragod were the only two districts saved from flood calamities. Sister could not breastfeed kid due to strong medication and luckily child started eating solid foods and cow’s milk. Sister got healed with 6 months of medication. During all this time, Bhagavan was helping us. In the accident happened two days ago, Bhagavan protected us. Earlier when accidents happened, there too Bhagavan protected us without injuries. Bhagavan’s divine names are very powerful dear. Chant it as much as you can. In this Kali yuga, it’s Bhagavan’s promise to protect those who recite bhagavath nama. When we realise problems too as bhagavan, we can depend wholeheartedly onto that lotus feet and miracles happen. Om namo narayanaya πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ™ Prayers and love to you and family members

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    1. Thank you for this beautiful, loving and wise message. Can’t express how blessed i feel to read it and how grateful i am that you took the time to write and share all these details and wonderful blessed story. Yes, we can’t understand why and how each even happens – the only thing we can do is to know that the Master of the Universe is in-charge. Under the umbrella of His Grace, only goodness happens – even if i am not able to see it now. Thank YOU lots and lots and lots — and then somre more! Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama

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      1. Thank you! Watching life as a movie – the director of which is the Lord of the Universe. He is creating all the plots and twists and turns! Like how he brought your sister to Trivandrum! We are so blessed – to have Him and this wondrous satsang too. Thank YOU very much. Jai Sri Krishna πŸ™‚

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  3. o, yes, such sweetness to find oneself wrapped in the Name, in the Nature, in the Essence, in the Oneness of the One…such a miracle…thank you, sweet,sweet Krishnapriya for leading us Homeward…blessings and much love to you! *sunlight over willows**children surrounded by rainbows*

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    1. Thank you so much, beautiful Joan. Your words and the images of children surrounded by rainbows is so absolutely lovely. Makes my heart sing. Thank you again and again – and then some more, my beloved friend. *embracing hearts*

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