Umbrella of Grace

“I should have taken an umbrella,” I thought, as I walked home from work in the peak summer mid-day sun.

Near our wicket gate, I heard the sound of brakes and turned to see my friend in a two-wheeler scooter next to me. “You look tired. How are you?” He asked as he took off his helmet.

“Doing well actually. Under the umbrella of grace.” I was surprised to hear these words pop out of my mouth.

“Umbrella of grace? What umbrella is that?” My friend held his helmet in his hands and balanced by leaning to the right of his scooter.Image result for umbrella in sun images

I pointed to the sky, and there was the sun intensely focusing on us with devious delight. We were sweating so much that it felt like we could easily win a competition with the sprinklers in the garden.

My friend got off his scooter shrugging his shoulders, and I gestured to him to follow me and walked to the front door of our house. It was open, and soon we were both in the living room.

“I like this umbrella better.” He pointed to the ceiling of the living room.

“You are going to love this shower of grace.” I laughed and turned on the ceiling fan at full blast.

He sat down on the couch and said, “How about a glass of cold water, with sparkling grace in them?”

To my raised eyebrows he replied, “Sparkling ice cubes.”

“There is cool lemonade in the fridge, both of you. Take it.” It was my mother’s voice from upstairs.

As we were sipping the ambrosial lemonade, my mother walked down the stairs to hear my friend say, “Yeah! This is what I call grace. Not the sizzling sun outside.”

“It is all Grace, son.” My mother said as she came to sit down with us.

“The sun, the rain, and the lemonade. Grace it is.” She smiled.

“But..” Before he could say more, Mom added, “If you had not been in the heat, would you have loved the lemonade so much?”

“Yes and all is well. Always has been and will be.” I chimed in, knowing that was the line Mother had taught us to say as children.

“All is well in…” before Mom could complete the sentence, we exclaimed, “In the Umbrella of Grace.”

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Lovely and simple…just what I need this morning…sweet reminder of Love Divine ever-near , providing just what is necessary. Blessings and love to you, beloved Krishnapriya! *sunrise**doves cooing sweetly**children embracing*

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  2. Lovely post sprinkled with grace. Yes without the Sun how would the rain look so graceful and without the cold wind how would a hot tea seem to be full of bliss 🙂


      1. Welcome dear and He is always there with all of us showering his Umbrella of Grace on all Humanity be it in anyways he likes to come, it is only we who name Him but He has no name, nor body nor nothing, He Simply Is.

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