Song of the Flute (Venu Gita)

Before the Gopis (cowherd girls of Vrindavan) met Sri Krishna, they heard His magic flute. Far, far away it was physically, but it resounded sweetly within their hearts. From within they reached Him.

They gathered together to talk about the Venu, the celestial music of the flute and the magic it manifested all around. Just by this, they wholly dissolved in Sri Krishna.

The verses of their discussion are called Venu (flute) Gita (song).Related image

There are about 20 verses in this Gita, and it is stunning in beauty, poetry and most of all what it teaches us about love. The pure adoration of a devotee for God, for a beloved, for the Universe. How to enter that space and become one with the object of your love?

The Gopis say that when Sri Krishna enters the forest of Vrindavan – birds sing to welcome Him. Trees fill themselves with blooming flowers and shower these on the paths to welcome Him. The sound of the flute mesmerizes all of creation.

The doe comes close with her husband, the deer and watches Sri Krishna. Her eyes are steadfast upon the Lord of the Universe. Indeed, she worships Him with her eyes alone.

The birds stop singing and feeding their little ones. They enter a trance bewitched by the magical flute notes. The calves stop feeding, and the cows strain to hear the sound that makes their hearts dance with ethereal joy.

The rivers, raise their waves like hands and touch Sri Krishna’s Feet. They try to hug Him with their waters and place lotus flowers at His Feet as if offering their own souls to Him.

The clouds see that the sun’s intense rays are upon the cloud-colored Lord. Thinking of Him, who dons their own color, as their most beloved friend (sakha), they rush to take the heat of the sun upon themselves.  They shelter the Master of music and hearts.  Gently they offer themselves as a light drizzle. The drizzle feels like tiny white flowers being showered from heaven.

The message all along seems to be that each object, animal, birds, flowers, rivers, clouds offer themselves, wholly and eternally to the Lord.

Not as a grand austerity with enormous will power and self-effort but with sweetness.

Gentle strings of love pull them towards Sri Krishna and they give themselves to Him. Not as a service or something to do, think and plan conscientiously with the mind. But more like a spontaneous dance, in step with His music, dissolving themselves, in Him.

Each makes an offering that is unique and true to their own character or nature (svabhava). They do not compare themselves with others. They offer what they can in the best way that arises from deep within their heart and is the song of their soul. There is no thought in this about what joy will I get from this offering or what benefit will I get back from it, it is offered from the soul to the Soul of all Existence – a breath, a step, a flower, a moment of fullness in this magical Cosmic Existence.

Let us join them, beloved friends, this very moment from wherever we are and in whatever state we believe ourselves to be.

Letting go of our little desires and not heeding the duality of the mind – let us dip into our hearts and listen to the celestial notes and dance. Dance in the giving which has no end, dance to the music of our soul, dance with the soul of the Universe.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Beautiful…i was just thinking why i keep losing my focus and not able to continue what i am doing…it is because of dual nature…one end pulling me to continue and one end giving me endless diversions…

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    1. Yes, and our only way out and solution is prayer. He will make everything possible by His Grace. We just have to keep remembering and offering ourselves, again and again, moment by moment, breath by breath to our Lord. Sri Krishna Paramatma ki Jai! At least that is my understanding, what do you think? 🙂


  2. Reading your posts, I am always reminded of Krishnas flute! You bring out its music! So well said the para “Each makes an offering that is unique and true to their own character or nature (svabhava). …. in this magical Cosmic Existence.” Remain blessed Dear💕

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    1. Thank you so much. Everything is His Grace. I pray to Him to make my life such an offering as well. Can’t express how grateful i am to have connected with you. Thank YOU for your presence and your light. I treasure your words! Om Shanti. 🙂

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  3. oh, sweetest friend, your words transport me, open my heart, acknowledge my straying feet, reinforce my longing to abide in the Garden of Delights, bathed in the venu gita to the point of dissolving…blessings and sweetness, and much, much love to you, and many grateful tears for your companionship along this rocky way. *willows in sunrise**soaring trees with intertwining branches**singing children*

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    1. So happy to see you here. Hope you are doing well. I am so amazed at how you understood the heart of this song of the Flute – it is the blessing of the One, who brought us together and holds us under the umbrella of pure love, as one heart beating in the sweetness of endless music. Take good care of yourself, my sweet precious friend. *Four footprints in fresh grass beside the river of life right behind four paw-prints*


  4. Every line is sweet as nectar and more than that your sweet emotions that you have weaved into words take me to the altar sitting in bliss of meditation or like I m like some bird of the forest trying to partake a small drop from the pool of wisdom that your words bring…

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    1. Aww….you are sooooo kind and sweet. I was thinking of you as i posted this and wondering if you would come by to read. I feel blessed by Lord Krishna that you are here and enjoying His presence with me – we are little flowers, birds – smiling and dancing together. What ananda – just remembering Him! Jai Sri Krishna! Thank YOU!


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