Song of Grace

Holding wounds
in your heart
Your life story
becomes a tragedyRelated image

Let go, my friend
Breathe in love
Showers of rose petals
Gently touch your face
in the song
of mysterious grace

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


    1. And i wonder why it is so hard to let go — feels like life has only one lesson – let go and let love, let God, let smiles appear. Thank you for sharing this journey, beautiful Radhika! Feel blessed and grateful. šŸ™‚

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  1. Absolutely beautiful…sweet and deeply comforting…just what I need…turning to Grace, the One, releasing any sense of human tension or fear…Love Divine forever holds us near…blessings and sweetness allways to you, beloved friend, my darling Krishnapriya *children dancing**singing hearts**rainbows in the rain*

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    1. It is raining here – though dark night makes us not see the rainbows. I just sent a note to you. Stay well, my beautiful sweet beloved friend. With much, much, much love and huggie hug hugs.


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