What is my Life?

Sometimes I think of life as my Mommy.

She places an array of dishes before me each moment. I don’t like them all, and sometimes none of them. I throw a tantrum and feel upset. But you know the saying, “Mommy knows best.” Yeah! My life knows what’s best for me – to grow to become one.

One with whom? With Her – my life, each moment in love.

Sometimes I chase illusions and desires with great passion. Life watches me and wishes I would not get lost. She tries to make me still, to look at Her, but my mind has taken over. I am whirling in a sea of duality. In due course, my heart breaks.Β  I cry.Β  mother_child

My life comes running to me. She holds me in the embrace of love. She pours the potion of time upon my wounds, breath by breath; and she heals me.

“I love you, darling.” Her tender words resound in my heart.

“Be well, smile each moment. I am with you.”

“Who are you?” I ask Her as She enters me yet again – anew with each breath.


Each moment She comes to me as a new breath of love and nourishes me inside-out.

Even if she leaves me as an out-breath, She is close, just a breath away.

She smiles and embraces me yet again.

Slowly I am learning to do the same to Her, my life – sweet, pure love.

And you, beloved friend, how do you think of your life?

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


    1. Yes, we all do, at some level, i guess. What a blessing to work through it through our writing, sharing and enjoying each other’s company – in life and love. Thank You, dear dear friend for being here. πŸ™‚

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  1. Beautifully expressed mother’s love and care dear. Life is so full of light and colours with the love of lord in the form of mother, father, siblings, friend, lover, pet and everything πŸ™‚

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  2. That’s touching Krishna.. Mom is always best. .You just described the eternal love a mother gives to her children… Life is full of happiness when we have a family and a bunch of friends..

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