Sharing a Beautiful Book

Beloved Friends

Some of you might know that a very gentle and sweet person in our blogging world, has published a book called One with Willows. Her name is Joan Myles.

I just got the book today via Kindle and it is absolutely lovely.

The poems are sacred and yet not serious.
They are playful but not superfluous.
TheyOOW Cover.jpg are deep in holiness and brimming with the joy of everyday existence.

Yes, I could go on and on – because I feel so blessed to be able to share about Joan and her magical words. The story of her life, her magical creations and playful spirit are beyond inspiring for me.

Please go to Joan’s blog (link below) for more details about the book and Joan as well.

**Delighted to tell you!

I got my copy from Amazon – Victory to the Internet! Victory to our global existence! Victory to love and blessedness!

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama




    1. You can read her poems on her website to get a glimpse of her style. I love it – it is playful, sweet and yet deep and contemplative. She is an amazing person. I feel so blessed to meet wonderful people here – including you, oh magical wordsmith. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


  1. Oh, my beloved Krishnapriya, you touch my heart so deeply with your kind remarks and sweetness…and to share your thoughts with your own followers…my heart overflows with appreciation and gratitude for the One who brings us together in joy and companionship! There are not enoght words…onlya rainbow smile high in a blue, blue sky, blessings and love to you!!

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    1. The joy rises from you and a wave of love arises – a few drops from that sprinkle all over me and i dance in happiness with you. Thank you! *Four feet and four little paws* *dancing rainbows* *singing mist* *huggie hug hugs and then some more*


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