Searching for Love

I search for love
Approval, appreciationRelated image
From a parent, a teacher
A lover, a friend

Offering all I can
I wait
With bright eyes
And wide open heart
I wait and wait
And wonder “Why?”

Angel wings, enfold me
‘Close your eyes,’ They whisper
A universe of love,
Dances in your heart.

Sparkling stars smile
‘Look within,’ They entreat.
You are a drop of love
In the bosom of eternity.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama



    1. Oh beloved One – i feel so blessed to read your words – i am happy WP has gotten out his hunger spree — eating your words, because i am sure they were the sweetest and most tasty ones he could find. Thank you, sweet Kamal. Feel blessed to be here with you. πŸ’•

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      1. Welcome always my dear friend, Krishnapriya and yes sometimes WordPress plays havoc with comments may be a virus they too maybe having. It is so nice to have this wavelength where we can talk so much from what God in his Oneness is trying to tell so many people his words of inspiration and encouragement. Same here love and blessings from the Lord .

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    1. Thank you Lorraine – i realize now, even more, what a blessing it is from God for me to see you here and what an immense effort it takes on your part – please accept my love, gratitude and many, many hugs – for your coming by, kind words and beautiful presence in my life. xoxo


  1. Sweet longing, and the ultimate reality…seeking Love Divine, which is my very essence…feeling the many, and realizing the One…and here we are, dancing with love and delight and companionship…is there anything sweeter than all this, here and Now…thank you dearest Krishnapriya for sharing the journey, and the sweetness of Love Divine with us *sunrise over daffodils**hummingbirds hovering amid flowers**children embracing*

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    1. I love these words you say — Feeling the many, realizing the One — so gentle and wise you are dear Joan – your comments shine a light on my words that teach me so much. With much love, gratitude and lots of wagging tails to Ari.

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