What is Grace?

Grace is the Reality
In front of me
This moment.Related image

She arrives as raindrops
My mind remonstrates
“Go away,” He roars
As flames of desire
Rise in my heart

“I came for you, sweetheart,”

The raindrop whispers
And gently douses desires
Then expectations, drop by drop

The mind watches on

Thunder beats the drum
My heart dances
Free at last
In the Grace of Reality
This sacred moment

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


      1. It make me realise there is life beyond human expectations and those are the moments i enjoy reading and understand the various depth level of expressions in simple words. It keep us awake and look for some thing beyond science …. thank you blue feet 👌

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  1. grace is reality…All…here, and now, forever, everywhere, with me….and I am so very grateful! Blessings for thise words and for your presence in my world, my sweet, sweet Krishnapriya…*glistening rainbow raindrops**Children singing and dancing in the rain*

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    1. i realized that when i am unhappy i am saying “no” to the Grace my beloved showers upon me, in that moment — and how can i say i love Him and not accept His Grace? Have been trying to remember this and it is really helping me — when i remember. he!he! Only YOU can build the picture of raindrops glistening in rainbows – how wondrous is that!?! Thank you, beloved, sweet, sweet Joan. xoxo


      1. maybe that is what we are called to see…rainbows ever with us, even despite the mist and raindrops…you always help me to see them, my darling and beloved friend!

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      2. Grace is the rainbows that hold us in arms of love – always and forever. Yes, indeed, what a wonderful thought! Thank you, beautiful Joan! Wish you a blessed day with dancing rainbows. i love you!


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