1. oh yes, with you in this, and the journey, my beloved Krishnapriya…blessings and love to you as we dance in light and love! *cooing doves at sunrise**tree branches swaying in breeze*

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    1. Thanks so much, dear Joan. Going to get your book soon — on kindle and read it. i read the poems on kindle pre-view and i LOVED them. The cover is so beautiful. Will write a review once i get it and read it….hopefully soon! love, love and hugs! xoxo


      1. Oh, I can’t wait to hear what you think! My daughter created the lovely cover just for my book. I asked her to imagine looking up through willow branches…and apparently her water color magic worked! Blessings and sweetness andmuch, much love to you, darling Krishnapriya! *2 children embracing**doves cooing at dawn*

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      2. Your daughter is an amazing artist. My many congratulations and love to her. Wish you a beautiful monday, my dear dear beloved friend. *2 singing children and Ari in front*


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