Holi Hai (Happy Holi)

There is festivity in the air
A joy, a thrill
We splash water at each other
And smear many a color.

Why?Β For what purpose?Related image
Just to remember
The joy in living
In the heart of love

Smiling faces in myriad colors
Adore the heart of love
Songs and dancing
Playful pranks
Worship the joy of life

Beneath the colors
May our hearts connect
As one to live
Together in joy
Today and everyday

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


      1. I played with my little Gopaljis — we smeared each other with besan+haldi yellow colors and it was soooo sweet. Thank you for being here and bringing beautiful colors in my life – with your sweet smile. Wish you a blessed day! πŸ™‚

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  1. Happy, Happy Holi…may all the colors of the rainbow shower upon you…and may your cheeks dazzle with glitter and joy…blessings galor, blessings and joy and delight,and child’s play…to my beloved, darling Krishnapriya! *glitterycheeks on children**rainbows in the mist**twodancing, clapping, embracing children*

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    1. Yes, it is really a festival of returning to childhood. We drench each other in water and colors and no one is recognizable. Or should i say all are only then recognizable – as children of the One! *smiling hearts* Thank you always for bringing your sparkling smile here, by most beloved Joan. xoxo

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      1. Oh, if only we had such a day here…when the child in each is recognized and uplifted, when playful joy and delight and song are called praise of the One…when the rainbow floods the world and humanity with color!! Blessings to you, darling friend for sharing this, and for all you are! *sunrise through mist**children singing*

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      2. Yes, it is really magical – and traditionally the festival breaks all hierarchy and differences – as all participate in the fun – balloons and colors! Sending some splashing water to you,my beloved friend and painting your face in pink and yellow with my love. *laughing hearts and smiling faces*

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