I am just a smile

I forgot that I was
Just a smile
In the heart of love

i went seeking
Up the highest mountains
To stand on one foot
Chanting complex mantras
In rain, sun and snow
Seeking myself

The snow crystalsImage result for snow crystals images
Kissed my cheeks
“Go home,” they whispered

“You are just a smile.”

“Just a smile?” I dropped my foot.

“Just and only.” They smiled
“Only and forever.”

A smile. In the heart of love.

Do you want to join me?
It is easy. Just smile.
Love arrives to enfold us.

I posted this little verse and jumped into my reader – only to discover today is World Happiness day, or is it? That is what a dear, dear friend told me — and if you want another reason to smile — please check out this post in Empty Space –


Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Oh, the sweet and subtle shift a smile can make for someone’s day…and your beautiful essence uplifting it…thank you, thank you, my beloved Krishnapriya…thank you for this, for your sweet and joy-filled company on this path we share to the One…for your tug and nudge to honor the small things, to avoid the rest…Blessings and sweetness, Light and Love Divine, now and forever *pink and golden light over the mountains* *smiling hearts embracing* *rainbows in mist*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Joan – your words are so kind and perceptive – revealing to me about myself…..i am grateful and blessed. Sooooo excited about your book – can’t wait to read it! Congratulations! A million times – and then some more! Please write about how to get it also, whenever you like. love, love and wish you a happy smile filled day!


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