When I love You

When I love You
From the outside
I sing and dance for You
Worship You
With lights and incense
Dress and adorn You
With flowers and basil leaves
You smile and watch

I cry
A little at first
And then some moreRelated image
I cry and cry,
“Come, come, come,
Just as You are, come
With a magic flute, come
Come come, come.”

As the silence
Of the spheres
You arrive
My heart stops
My mind dissolves
Into this moment

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Such sweet longing…I hear your heartbeat, beat, beating as you call to the One, Beloved, the blissful ache of tears…then dissolving into silence and Presence…so beautiful, my darling Krishnapriya! Blessings and sweetness, love and rainbows abound! *sunrise over glistening meadow* *hummingbird hovering in new daylight* *embracing hearts dancing, singing, smiling*

    Liked by 1 person

      1. *doves cooing* *gentle breeze rustling forest leaves* wishing you sweet, sweet dreams, beloved friend!


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