*Hearts Embracing*

These words are inspired and offered with great love and affection to my beloved friend Joan, whom many of you might know – a sweet, gentle singing child, masquerading as a Hebrew teacher . Across faiths, time and space, we connect as one – in love. Please see link to her blog below.

Four foot prints in the snow
And four paw marks ahead
Sun shining through the mist
Dancing daffodils

Singing childrenRelated image
Clap their hands
In a love
That never ends

Embracing hearts
This Universe
In One-ness of the One
Who is the all as well

Oh! Sweet magic
To see that One
And feel His hug
Right here, right now
In you and me.

Thank You for being here, beloved friends and dipping into the joy of the journey. 🌻
Find Joan’s writing here — https://jewniquelymyself.com/

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


      1. She is a beautiful light-filled soul – as you will see when you read her sweet, playful and yet deep words. Thanks so much Krishna for connecting like this – with me! I feel blessed! πŸ’•πŸŒΉ

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      2. Aww….thank you so much for saying that. God made your write these words to douse the flames of doubt in my heart – why write? why post? for what purpose? is it selfish to enjoy so much?….now i am smiling, in His Grace, in the shade of your words. Thank YOU! 🌹

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  1. oh my, oh my…what a sweet, sweet Shabbot morning surprise…such loving words and images, and all the kind comments and new friends…I feel so blessed and humbled, my darling, beloved Krishnapriya, thank you, thank you…Blessings and sweetness and hugs galore to you, and wags from Ari *smiling hearts* *dancing, clapping children in a field of daffodils* *two fluttering butterflies amid rainbows*

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    1. I was waiting for you to wake up!! And see this — now i will try to sleep — though i don’t know if i will be able to – as my smile is tooooo big – holding you and Ari in it along with the butterflies, sun in the mist, dancing daffodils and smiling rainbows!
      Love, love, love and hugs to you, sweet dearest Joan. Prayers for a beautiful Shabbot!

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      1. you made it ever so much more delightful, my darling, sweet friend…may your dreams be sweet and your tomorrow as well…love, love, love to you, and may you feel Love Divine with us on ourjoined path *teary smile*

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      2. Love, love, love and hugs, hugs, hugs and then some more…it is Sunday for us, a special day of worship and prayer (the 11th day of the Bright fortnight of the Moon cycle) and i am soooo happy, thinking of you and Ari joining me in the smiles and clapping hands. Wish you a beautiful day!

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      1. A very Happy Holi to you! May the colours of the festival make life brighter : ) Oh we have a cat and 4 kittens now! πŸ˜€ They seem to be dancing away in joy always πŸ˜€

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