Conversation with PM

Inspired by a post from my dear friend, Tanvir – please see link below.

I felt a nudge on my shoulder. “Come, talk to me,” She said sweetly.

I knew who it was. PM, the Present Moment.

Peering into my cell phone, I could not look up, so many feeds to catch up on, “I am too busy now.” I blurted out.

“Please, please, just this once.” There was PM again, back to her begging and pleading. Some Moments just don’t get the message.

I had to look up. “Okay, what do you want?” I asked Present Moment.

Her tender smile surprised me. Are you still smiling, despite my rude responses? How come? I wondered.

“Yes, hurry up. What do you want?” I growled.

“Just to be. With you. This moment.” Her persistence was astounding.

“How about a walk?” She chirped.

“I have so much to do.” I groaned.

Gently she took the smartphone out of my hands and said, “A little, little walk. Hardly any time, it will take. Just a moment.”

Without the phone, I was suddenly free, to get up and walk with her, my PM, the present moment.

“Early morning, this air is so crisp and fresh. I love it! But soon…” I surprised myself with my enthusiasm.Related image

“No buts. Just be. Here. Now.” The joy in Present Moments voice was contagious.

“Yes, but it will be hot soon, as the sun comes up. Is it wrong to think of that? Is it wrong to plan or say anything about a moment that is not you, PM?” Again I was getting cross with her.

“No, no, not at all, my dear friend. You can and should plan. Only not the way you do it.” Her mysterious smile cast a rainbow all around me.

“What is wrong with how I do it? How should I do it?” The rainbow opened my heart and made me her willing student.

“You say ‘it is nice now, but it will be hot,’ ‘I will enter the race, but who knows if I will win,’ ‘I like my job, but how long will I like it?’ Take out all the “buts” and smile.”

“Sounds like a fool’s paradise.” I wanted to be polite, but the words jumped out of my mouth by themselves.

Ever gentle, she replied, “No, no. You should plan and think of the future, as an architect. No emotion, just plan and execute. He makes a blueprint for the house and has deadlines to execute it and does so. Soon a beautiful mansion appears.”

“What do you mean no emotion? I thought you were an ambassador of joy and love!”

“Yes, drench yourself in me now – with joy and love. See how beautiful is this breeze. Oh and that yellow butterfly dancing all around us.” She waved her hands at the flowers, trees and even the dark clouds seemed to turn a light blue.

“But the future?” I whispered, not wanting to crush the precious joy of the moment.

“Make your plan for the future – a blueprint like an architect. With your best resources, mind and skills and then rest.”


“Yes, rest in me. Do what you need to do β€” the best you can. Without anxiety and fear of failure, without desire for this or that outcome. When your actions are sincere, the outcomes will be beautiful. Rest in that trust.”

“Hmmm….” This was a lot for me to digest.

“It’s not a lot.” Did Present Moment have mind reading abilities?

“Then?” I looked at her with hesitation.

“Make a plan and execute it. Trust that when you do your best with all your heart, the best will happen. Be happy.”

“But, what, what if….it doesn’t? You know sometimes….”

“Yes, that’s what you need to lose – this counter-thought, negative feelings. Be optimistic. And if it doesn’t work out, accept it. It’s okay. I’ll be back, and we can start again. With a smile.”

“You will be back?”

“Yes, Present Moment. I appear in every moment and invite you to smile. To live a life of now-ness and joy. Connect with your heart, with people, with your work. Do your best and don’t worry about the rest.”

“Wow! You are a poet. Present moment!”

Trriiig….I heard the sound of another notification on my smart phone. I was sitting at my desk all this while, where was the Present Moment? What was this conversation?

No matter. I decided to smile and be an architect dipping into the joy of now-ness.

Please do join me, beloved friends, if you feel so inspired.

Thank you dear Tanvir for your inspiration —

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama



  1. Krishna Priya how beautifully expressed the urge of living moments in present expressed by you. we all are missing is to live life fully with peace of mind as we are running after something that we don’t know what it is. Thank you so much for such beautiful share. Search of quest which is slowly parting away because of human acts so called development.

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    1. Thanks Tanvir – i am so happy you could connect and i love your line here — quest vs so-called development – that is the dance of our times, isn’t it? How to blend them both and move forward in a way that is harmonious and beautiful. I feel blessed to read your posts bringing different aspects of our lives to light – in such a positive and inspiring way! Thank YOU! 😊

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  2. Very, very true. Actually, we don’t possess any moment other than the Present Moment, The past has gone by and future is yet to come, so we do have just the ‘present’ with us, which is actually a “present” to us from Him !!
    Well written Krishnapriya !!

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    1. So sweet Vivek! πŸ™‚ I saw the picture of you serving all the little children and it was so beautiful! Thank you for all you are doing – the light that you are – for our country and Mother Earth. πŸ™‚


  3. oh, lovely, my beloved Krishnapriya…and in the PM I am walking with you, the Journey to NOW, the grasping of NOW, the holding and cherishing of NOW, the One-ness, the One. Blessings and Light Divine on this Shabbot Eve as we kindle the heart’s flame of Love Divine! *hands waving candle glow in spiral, forward, around, away* *

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    1. Yeah! Guess we just have to stop from time to time (whenever we remember) and take a breath and say, “Hey PM! Where are you?” and smile! πŸ™‚ i am sure she will come and hug us. πŸ’• Hey Akhila — She is hugging me and asking me to get back to work —- coming PM, commmmiiingg……..:-)


  4. Beautifully articulated and profoundly inspiring my dear friend. I totally agree with your insights in reflection. Loved reading this. Thank you to Tanvir as well who inspired your thoughts. Keep sharing your amazing perspectives

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    1. Feel so blessed to share and connect with you, dear dear Savvy. Thank you for coming by here. I always look forward to your posts – they are both thought provoking as well as practical. Amazing how you manage to do that! Amazing and lucky for us – your readers. Thank you. πŸ’›πŸ™


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