What is your life?

In the play of light and dark
Numerous beings take the stage
Light, smiles, love and music
Dance with
Tears, fears, anxiety in the dark
You blunder and wonderRelated image
As the pendulum of the mind
Swings from one end to the other

Suddenly the bell rings
You rise up
And realize
This illusion is the mud lake
In which the lotus is born
You are a lotus flower

You rise up and bloom
In the light of your beloved
The Sun
Of pure love
Your life is a smile
In love eternal

Nothing more,
Nothing less.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Gorgeous, so vivd and moving…your life is a smile in Love Divine…an expression of the One, the One-ness, blessing and embracing all…thank you, my darling, sweet friend Krishnapriya…blessings and love to you! *sunbeams through clouds**two hearts embracing*

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    1. happy to see the sunbeams. How are you doing, my sweet beautiful Joan? Has it gotten even a little warmer? i just imagine you, walking with Ari as sun rays fall on your face – and my heart smiles. *two hearts embracing as four feet walk together* (that’s you and me) and Ari in front *(so four more ahead)*

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