The mansion of the mind

The mansion of the mind
Has uncountable rooms

The left wing holds the pastImage result for mansion images
Cupboards of sweet memories
Windows of ancient rhythms
Tiny corners of pin pricks
And huge patios of pain

The right wing lives in the future
Airy balconies of hope
Windy rooms of fear
Well lit rooms of desire
Beside dark ones of anxiety

Where are we now, my mind?
Where do we like to be?

Come to the middle now
Right here, in the present
Smile in the sunshine of grace
Completeness in empty space.

Come, join us, beloved friends.
With a single breath, a smile.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


    1. Thank you dear Radhika. Each day a reminder to be just there – in that day and moment – and smile! And then i forget and need to remember again – i think of your words on sun setting so often now and it helps me once more – to come back to the joy of the present moment. Thank you!

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    1. Can you believe it? i was just now THINKING of it — in God there is no past,present or future. It is the Lord that is the gold standard of our heart and time is irrelevant. How is it that our hearts and minds are intertwined so sweetly – across time, space and faiths? It is the Grace of Love, don’t you think? Love, love, love and many, many hugs!

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      1. It is indeed the Grace of Love krishna. I believe that our faiths unite into One. I really do. There is no difference really. When I had cancer, my doctor, who was Muslim, asked if she could pray for me. I said of COURSE she could pray for me. She said to me β€œIt is the One God, but it is just that we call Him by dufferent names.” I agreed with her. I was reading about Hinduism the other day and saw that it is the okdest religion. That is awesome. It was very very i teresting, but there was much that I wanted to understand more. Yes we ARE united dear krishna. Much much love to you. ❀️❀️❀️

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      2. There is a path of devotion in Hinduism which parallels very closely the love that Christian mystics have for Christ. I think differences in culture, weather and history have led humans to come up with different ways to approach the ultimate — the seeming differences are superficial — at the end of the day, the human heart, pure love and the blessings of infinity are ONE. Feel blessed for this beautiful fellowship, dear beloved Lorraine. xoxo


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