Sending you Love

Sending you love
Light pink, sweet, gentle
Enveloping you from all directions
Making you bloom like a daffodil in spring

Sending you hugs
      Warm, cozy bear hugsgift images साठी इमेज परिणाम
      Squeezing you tightly
      Keeping you safe

      In a universe of beauty and silence

Sending you prayers

    To be with you each moment
    The all powerful Divine name
    On your lips and in your breadth
    Holding, surrounding, keeping you

Now and always
At the center of truth
In love, peace and eternity

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama



  1. You are a blessing to the world, my beloved friend, a sweet gift to anyone who chances to meet you…thank you for being you, thank you for your generous heart, your smiling nature, you reflections of Love Divine! Blessings and Light, Peace and Delight be yours forever, my sweet, sweet Krishnapriya! *glistening snowflakes in treetops* *smiling, dancing heart* *embracing hearts in sunrise*

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    1. he!he! i love all the snowflakes – glistening everywhere and smiling in your heart. You are so kind and encouraging, dear Joan. Your words mean a lot to me…..and your snowflakes – just thinking of them makes me smile. i live in South of India and summer is here – we are hurtling towards peak heat with the speed of a snowflake falling from the heavens….and in the scorching sun, dark snowed in evenings – is the One, the One heart, One smile, One life we share together in blessedness! Thank YOU! with much, much love and many, many hugs – now and always!

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      1. Snow is falling in the night, blanketing everything with silence, peace, the hush of waiting I think, of expectancy almost as the One draws near…so gentle in His passing that even the snow shows no trace…only the heart senses His Presence…Blessings my beloved friend!

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