Waves of Love

Who wants the peace
Of a thousand deep seas?supernova_1-xxltn.jpg

When a single wave of love
shatters me into a million bits

like a hundred thousand super novas
Scattering their light through the universe

All all once
So all creation
Can dance
In the eternal music
Of Your all encompassing love.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama





  1. Gorgeous, my beloved friend…I feel the shattering into a zillion sparkling dazzles…All all at once…and I am dancing…dancing with you in the musical light of wondrous Being…blessings and joy to you, my darling Krishnapriya!

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    1. Thank you, beautiful Joan. I missed your old posts in my reader for some reason. Have been visiting them and feeling so grateful in the delight of your wondrous writing. Thank YOU for your presence in my life – you dazzling magical singing child.


      1. It is a delight and a privilege…you bring such joy and light my way, my darling friend! *dancing feet* *clapping hands* *embracing hearts*

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