I am just a little flower

I am just a little flowerimage
The garland maker my Lord
He holds me in His hands
And I wonder
“Where will He put me?”

“Next to the big marigolds?
Or with my little friends, jasmines?
Maybe between two green leaves?
Or maybe, just maybe
He may drop me
From the garland
As  my petals are wilting a bit.”

He looks at me and smiles
My heart is fulfilled
And I know
Wherever He keeps me
And however
It is all the same.

In His love,
I am complete.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Lovely…simple and poignant with longing…a beautiful expression of devotion to the One, of His care as Love Divine ‘keeps’ each flower, places it according to His Art…sending you sweet thoughts like butterflies to flutter near you…and much, much love, darling Krishnapriya!

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  2. Beautiful Truth, the gift of giving is beautiful and You shine it bright.
    Hello Krishnapriya, Thank You for Your beautiful words on My post ‘Gratitude’. I deleted it in error, please can You resend it, Thank You

    have a blessed day

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  3. Awww. I winder uf we foukd be blue Himalayan Poppies together. They are my favourite flowers of all time. And despite theur seeming fragility, they survive in the harshest if conditions, please Lird, make me like the Bkye Poppy xoxo

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    1. Ooooh! i just looked them up on the internet and they are so, so, so very beautiful. Just imagining smiling with you, side by side, two sisters – blue, blue, blue Himalayan Poppies. Thank you Lorraine. I am in awe of your wondrous spirit and feel blessed to share this journey of life with you. Thank you. xoxo

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      1. You arevery welcome krishna. I always feel that I am being swallowed up by theur ethereal blueness. We try to grow them in our garden, but they are very hardbti grow. But they just. lOVE the mountains. And in fact, I do too, and wanted to climb Everest before I got cancer! Much much love to you. We will remember the Blue blue poppy, always xo

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