I am just a little calf

I am just a little calf
And You,Related image
my Shepard Divine

Lost in the mind’s world
I stray away
From pastures green
From the flock, from thee
Into the desert of logic
Gazing at the mirage of love

A single note
From Your magic flute
Brings me back
To the Blue Feet of bliss
The heart of unending love

I rest my life
As a drop of love
In the umbrella of
Your sweet grace

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Oh, little one, you cannot stray from Love Divine…Whose umbrella is ever over you, Whose Flute Divineis ever calling your name, forever welcoming you into the flock…love your lines of yearning, my sweet Krishnapriya, your sweet trust in our Beloved…blessings and sweetness embrace you always, my darling friend!

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    1. I read your note to me – and these words appeared in my heart. It is you whom i have to thank for these lines. They are from your heart to mine – and somehow they landed up on this page. Thank YOU for your sweet embrace. I treasure it tonight. Wish you a beautiful day. As i go seeking the doves of peace in my dreams. *smiling heart*

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      1. may they coo with angelic voices, calming your concerns, carrying our prayers to Heaven…sweet dreams, beloved friend *floating butterfly* *smiling heart* *arms embracing*

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  2. I kept looking at the picture for long and I felt a sense of tranquil peace envelope me. Your words too so beautifully complements that feeling. Krishnapriya, in fact reading many of your poetry makes me feel that you have tasted the spiritual nectar of the divine.

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    1. Thanks so much dear Radhika for your kind, kind words, which mean a lot to me. Isn’t the picture awesome — just want to live like that calf – forever and ever and then some more….come join us….in the sweet nectar of eternity. πŸ’•

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