Whose voice is this?

I strain my ears
To hear
The still voice in my heart
Image result for prayer images
“Yeah, do what is comfortable and peaceful.”
He says, “It is clear and simple. Relax. Enjoy. Smile.”

I rest when I get a nudge from within.
“Don’t rest in the mind. Jump.” She says.

“Jump?” I wonder

“Yes, jump. Down the cliff.
For love. Jump in surrender.”

“Is this surrender?” I wonder.

“Yes, jump knowing
The breeze of Grace will carry you.
Into the arms of love.”

“Love? And where? Where is that love?” I ask

“Here and everywhere but you feel it not.”

Is it my imagination. What is this voice saying?

“Jump and you will know.
The arms of love with enfold you.”

“Jump. Jump.” She whispers.

“Are you crazy? It makes no sense.” He says.

I close my eyes. And pray.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. In moments when all seems detached and we seem as though we are not moving forward, these are moments of rest and reflection. During this time of rest we cultivate negative thoughts and actions out of boredom, forcing things to happen.
    If “jumping” in the wrong direction does not ring true in Your heart, it is not of Love. If ever in doubt as to which way next…….ask for unconditional Love

    God Bless You

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