Ego’s Hobbies

Effort and judgmentImage result for flowers beautiful images
Desire and anxiety
Lack and want
Better, bigger, brighter
These are a few of the ego’s hobbies.

Let go,
Let God.
Let goodness, let smiles
Let gentleness
Let true light
Shine today
In this very moment
In the unity that transcends all
Forever more.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


    1. I remember and write and then i forget. I come back, read your sweet words and come back once more – to my heart, to love, to light….how can i thank you? i have no words – just lots and lots and lots of warm hugs and prayers for your every dream to come true in most divine way.

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      1. It is truly my heart’s delight to walk with you you on this amazing journey, to dance beneath this singular sky with you, to exchange words of spirt…what a miracle I have been granted, my beloved, darling Krishnapriya, to know you and call you my sweetest friend, blessings, and light and love abound for you!


      2. Wish you a beautiful, beautiful day ahead, dear Joan! It is indeed a miracle to dance together in the magic of words to the tune of the Spirit. We are both soooo lucky, aren’t we, sweet Singing Child?


    1. Seems like that is the crux of all learning in our lives – to let go of the ego. May God bless us and help us to fulfill our lives by doing so! Thank You for visiting here. I am extremely grateful. 🙏


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