My life in Your Name

You gave me a life
A fleeting two minutesRelated image
Let me dip it
In the blue waters
Of Your Name
A sweet river of smiles

Gently oh so gently
Moment by moment
The river glides
Into the arms of
Her beloved
Theย ocean of bliss
My Lord Divine

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. oh my…’two minutes’…such a fleeting time, a flash, you remind me…so I dip into Presence of the One…dare I dive in wholeheartedly, immerse myself in Her essence? May we forever drench ourselves in the Name! (In Judaism “haShem” meaning “the Name” is a synonym for Divinity)And may we carry Her sweetness into the world, as a blessing for all we meet. Thank you, sweetest friend, Krishnapriya, blessings and love this day and always!

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    1. That is so beautiful — even haShem sounds so wondrous. Even in our traditions, there is a saying — that the Name and the one who is Named are not different. So chanting the Name you enter the being of the Beloved. Isn’t it so magical? Thank you for the blessing of sharing our journey together. Love, love and many, many, many warm, warm hugs. {smiling heart}

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