Blessings of Light

I feel the blessings
Of myriad swirling rays
Of light all around meImage result for swirling lights images
Vertical infinity loops

The light collapses
Into sparkling stars
Filling each cell of my being
Beyond and everywhere
With gentle radiance

All is well
In Thee
My light and my love

All is well
And always will be

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Such a beautiful meditation…thank you, you bring me words of delight and comfort as I bid farewell to a darling, spirited friend…but she was ready to fly away, I asked her. At 95 she was/is a beautiful source of light and love…as are you, my beloved Krishnapriya, young as you are, blessings and much , much love sweet friend!

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    1. Ooooh! So sorry. Regardless of age and health situation partings are always hard – at least for me. We just have to look up at the sky and know that she sparkles like a star and sends love as angel stardust. Take care of yourself — sending you many, many hugs – from all the Angels and Circle of friends and Beloveds everywhere to you – this very moment. Love, love, love! Gentle heart with tender smiles.

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