The Garden of Prayer

The white gate is ajar
I tiptoe within
Into the garden
Of prayer

I breathe in gentle sun light
And breathe out sweet love

The flowers smile
The breeze dances
I raise my heart to the heavens
“Thank You,” I whisperRelated image
For this moment in prayer
In silence and light
Sweetness and love.

“Close your eyes
And look within.
I am always with you.”

So I am looking, searching
Who said that?
Who entered my secret
Garden of prayer?

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


      1. Oh dear, it’s not crazy or greedy, it is your love for experiencing the lord. May he soon appear in front of you and touch you. When your heart melt like butter, he will surely appear before you. Just think of lord’s beautiful form and nothing else and trust 100% in the divine presence and his grace will surely work 😊

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      2. Thank YOU!!! This is the most direct and sweeeetest guidance ever. My prayers to Him to help me follow this. I bow to the Master of my heart with gratitude and much, much love to you. Thank YOU, my wondrous magical friend. 💕

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  1. my tears of gratitude touch your words as they seep into my heart…blessings my darling Krishnapriya, blessings and much, much love!


  2. Close your eyes
    And look within.
    I am always with you.”

    how true and many times I don’t recognize this voice or am searching for HIM elsewhere…
    beautifully written and drives the point across very well..
    thank you much for this and for the many other beautiful posts you write.


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