How do trees breathe?

My Yoga teacher said, “Breathe like a tree.”Related image

“How do trees breathe?” I wondered, trying hard not to lose my balance.

“Well, they surely don’t pant, because they aren’t running anywhere.” My mind laughed at my body’s attempts to stand like a tree.

Oops, my body lost it and slumped down onto the yoga mat.

“The tree doesn’t fall abruptly and heave as it breathes either.” My mind enjoyed its soliloquy.

“How do trees breathe?” I wondered.

The glass pane rattled, and I looked out at the tree outside. “How do you breathe?” I murmured.

“Gently.” She answered. “Easily.Β  In peace.”

The breeze danced with her branches as she whispered, “Breath by breath. In and out. Easy come. Easy go.”

And so the trees breathe.Β  With each breath’s easy come, they smile.Β  With each breath’s easy go, they give life to all of us.

I bow to the trees.

I bow to my Yoga teacher and all the Yogis holding the Tree Pose.

I bow to all who breathe in with a smile and breathe out in peace.

Do you want to join them, with me?

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama



  1. oh, so sweet and moving…and once again I find my my own heart whispering in your words, in the branches of willows and myrtle, blessings to you, sweet friend…I bow with you to the trees, to the Breath Divine which encircles All!

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    1. Keep smiling, sweet Prateeti – even if you don’t feel like it – circumstances will change to help you smile more. i hold you in my heart and prayers and send love, smiles and simplicity to you. Thank You. Please accept. πŸ’›

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  2. Oh krishna. This is so amazing. I think it is one of your best ever poems. I love it so much. I can’t find words to express how much I love it. Mi love trees too. And yes, the Yoga! I too fell over years ago when in anparticular Yoga position lol. I gave up at that poing ha ha. This poem must speaks reams to me. Bless you dear krishna, so very beautiful. Love and Blessings to you xx

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