Love in my heart

I long to be true
To the love in my heart
Who clasps in her gentle armsRelated image
A thousand sparkling star lights
Which dance together in a lake of emptiness
Emptiness that holds the completeness of all
This entire universe and then some more

I long to be in harmony with all that is
In the Here and Now and then forever more
Dancing in the lake of infinity
With a hundred thousand stars
Only to dissolve
In the love
That smiles
In my heart
As tender sweetness

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. feel such a sense of timeless/spaceless-ness in this…as thought focuses deeper and deeper inside thenzooms back out, into infinity…thank you, my dearest companion for sharing your whispers! (love, love, love to linger over your words, to walk hand in hand with youin this journey!

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      1. wishing you sweet Shabbot blessings…Shalom andlight, Love within and around you my darlingKrishnapriya! With you in lighting the wicks of our lamps…opening our hearts to the One Flame.

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      1. That’s okay dear krishna, no problem at all. Are you well? Are you okay? Sending much much live and many Blessings to you. I fear alk is not well with you. So sending hugs. And love xxxx

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      2. Thanks so much Lorraine. Yes, just feel spread a little thin with lots to do all of a sudden. This too shall pass – and i’ll be back singing with you. Stay well, my most beloved friend. I feel so blessed to feel your hugs, love and blessings all around me. Thank you very, very much.

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      3. Awww I an so sorry dear jrushna. I felt insude me that you were a but kind of flat. I thought something was not quite right. You are right. Bthus too shakk pass, i an with you and prayung fir you, hope to see youwhen you are feeling a bit better. Mych much love to you and many blessings, hugs xoxoxo

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