My Single Aspiration

The New Year crept into my heart
Slowly and tenderlyImage result for Sri krishna gopi images
Bringing smiles and hope
And my single aspiration
To be with You

Feel You in my cells
My every breath
Know You
In each heart beat

Hear your magic flute
Deep within me
And dance
Yes, dance
In Your arms to eternity

With every day a new year
Every moment a new one
Each new
In You
Drenched in blue

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. such sweet longing…my heart echoes your words…and the words ‘each new in You dressed in blue’…will the day be blue? or maybe You? or maybe even the seeker? No matter…there is only the single aspiration, the inner breath of a flute…longing. Blessings and much love to you, my dearest, sweet soul-friend!

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    1. In Hinduism, we do believe like many other religions in one formless omnipotent omnipresent God. But we also believe this Supreme Divinity appears in form — kind of like how Catholics worship Jesus, as the son of God….so we have many forms of God and we love to adore Them in different ways. My Divine Beloved in Blue — symbolizing eternal expansiveness. So the last line – Drenched in Blue — referred to being drenched in the Blueness of my Lord….not blue in the way we use in English. Sorry, i hope this makes some sense, my sweeeet travelling companion. And shouldn’t you be sleeping now? Sending you prayers for good rest and a beautiful day tomorrow.

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      1. Yes, I took ‘blue’ to mean something like expansiveness, so fear not. And I am sleeping much better, thank you sweet Krishnapriya, with much more energy when I need. Blessings of sweet smiles to you, with hugs galore and a yellow butterfly!

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  2. Lovely to read and reflect on this Krishnapriya.💙
    Thank you for bringing me here.
    Infinite is the strength of divinity.🙏 How beautiful it is when our aspirations become inspirations to the world at large ❤.

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