Poetry of Smiles

Too many thoughts
Clog up the system
Dense emotions
Darkness over the blank canvas

No words
No inspiration
No write
Not right

A simple prayerRelated image
A stream of tears
Cleanses all
And you appear

My gentle friend
The poetry of smiles
Thank You!

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Oh, my beloved friend…see how your tears dissolve you to the point of joy** how blessed we are, to dance hand in hand…my beautiful, Krishnapriya, love you!

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      1. One is the gross world – the one we interact with our senses, feel and touch. Second the subtle world of mind and emotions – conceptual thoughts and third is the Causal world – of light and blessedness. Beyond all this is our Divine Beloved. I just wrote three worlds actually without thinking too deeply – but this is one way we can think of them.

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