Gift of Poetry

The words that appear
In the sky of my mind
Are not mine
They belong to the sky
I merely jot them down
And whisper to the sky,Related image
“Thank you!
For the gift of poetry.”

I read them later
And marvel
At the magic,
Beauty,Β  sublime wisdom
I whisper to the sky
“Thank you!
For the gift of poetry.”

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Wow! We are just the messengers as you mentioned it earlier. We read it later and think did I write it – how apt is that. Poetry is a gift! Thank You for writing it!

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    1. Yes, indeed. I read some words of a Sufi mystic (Hazrat Inayat Khan) in which he says that souls are conduits of cosmic energy (or something like that) — and some receive music, some words and poetry, some painting — it is a gift, an openness to the Universe in one dimension. Your poem actually felt like a magical representation in words of his thoughts. Thank YOU, dear Sam! I loved it in so many ways. 😊

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