New Year Dance

Somehow from somewhere
For no reason
I can see
Happiness came to me
Twirling she dancedRelated image
Into my heart, this moment

Smile, by beloved
As we accept her
This moment of joy
Of love, of smiles
For no reason and all reasons

Let us welcome together
New beginnings with smiles
Of acceptance and love

Our dance of blessedness
Into this Happy New Year


    1. Thank you so, so, so much. Thank you for the Mystery Blogger too – i will definitely join because i love the questions – from YOU. πŸ™‚ Feel soooooo happy to connect. He is just dancing everywhere and sprinkling His magic like stardust. Sri Krishna Paramatma ki Jai! 😊

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      1. Aww. Thankyou jrishna. I sometimes go to ablonely desrted little church and I have daned there before the Sanctuarym holding onto something. We will dance on! Xoxo deser

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  1. Wonderful wonderful wonderful joy!! Yes. this is exactly what happiness feels like (on the few occasions I’ve experienced it) – it is a twirl in the heart for no reason. Thank you thank you thank you for putting it so eloquently and beautifully!!

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  2. oh yes, sweetest friend, let us dance together…barefooted in the garden, in the Temple…holding hands, expanding the circle to welcome all in holy happiness and bliss…so grateful, so eager to dance into the new year with you and All!

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