Sending you Love

Beloved Friends

As I was praying for a beloved friend, these words appeared. She lives very far, and may never read these lines.

But I pray to the Divine Postmaster to somehow shower comfort and love on her heart and those of others who are suffering too.

Please join me if you feel so inspired – in the giving and receiving.

Sending you love,
Sweetness and silence
Sending you hugsImage result for tea and cookies images
Smiles and patience
Sending you me
With lemon zinger tea
A chocolate chip cookie

You are love
And you are loved
By Gods, angels, trees
Flowers and sea breeze
Beyond your knowing
Feeling and thinking

Enfolded by the Universe
In arms of gentle love
Smile into this moment
All is well

Tender new beginnings
In the smileΒ of your heart

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama



  1. Love weaves all things together…inspiration and intention, giving and receiving…and beloved friends near and far. May your heart rest in the knowledge that your message cannot fail to be delivered…blessings to you, sweet Krishnapriya.

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    1. Your words touch my heart – so gently like a flower petal – inspiration and intention – what a wondrous way to put it. Thank You for your soothing waters upon my heart. Not going to worry any more. All is in the hands of the all benevolent One πŸ™‚

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  2. This is so beautiful krishna, I do pray that your friend receives these beautiful words for I am sure that in her suffering they will cheer her and help her. May she be held in the everlasting arms of love. Our love and Divine Love

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