Just a little star

In the dark horizon with a hundred thousand stars
Stand I, a little star
Yes, indeed
I am not as bright as some
Nor as twinkly and shiny

Neither am I as big as othersसंबंधित इमेज
Nor as cute as the little ones
Neither as young
Nor indeed old and wise

I am as I am
And that’s just it,
As it is

I offer my light,
Oh Beloved Universe
To You
+++My light
++++My smile
+++++My soul
++++++To do as You please

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. To catch a glimpse of your shimmering is sweetness, my darling Krishnapriya…may your reflection of the One continue to shine bright for all to see…blessings and sweetness to you and much, much love, my dear friend!

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  2. What a beautiful poem yaaaa
    Beautiful lines..
    Liked this wonderful poem weaved by a twinkling star who was blessed with great poetic potential .

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