Is not wanting
To be somewhere else
Doing something else
As someone else

The sun, moon, stars and skiesRelated image
Gods, Angels, truth and lies,
Each moment, countless lives
Have conspired
With great care
And tenderness
To bring me here

I smile
I accept
I offer myself
To the embrace of love
Here and now
With gratitude
For all that is
As it is.

InΒ this moment

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Beautiful as always my friend. I guess we get to choose whether to accept our lives with contentment or sonething else. To choose to be content is far the better for our souls.

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      1. Thankyou krishna. These days leading up to it are actually tedious, to be quite honest, I will be glad when it is all over because of alk the comnercialism etc. I feel it has lost its true meaning, and we are swamped. I think I will hibernate lol. Our Saviour was born in a stable, not a palace or a restaurant. Lol. With the lowest of the low. This is what it means to me. Much love to you my friend xo

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      2. I totally understand Lorraine. Even here there were so many ads and people trying to make our festival of lights a big gift giving event – even though that has never been a part of the tradition – and i felt so sad. We just have to stay in our hearts and listen to the song of the Lord of Love – and live in the sweet embrace of His love. His love for us and our love for Him. Love you! xoxo

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      3. You are so right krishna. To keep our own hearts pure and honest. And to appreciate the spiritual things that drew you and I together. I am a bit behind with my Replies! Just catching up. Hope you are well my dear friend. Much love to you. God bless you xx

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  2. your language is just too beautiful…it just flows like a river that i read the entire thing in a stretch…then i read it again to comprehend the thoughtful words!

    “Be here and now”. That sums it all!

    Live for the present…the past led us here…the present will lead to a bright future!

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    1. Every moment – our life and circumstances are His prasadam. So when we welcome and accept it with gratitude — how sweet that is…just like getting flowers and holy water in the Temple, knowing they come from His Feet…..at least that is what i am feeling. Thank you for your beautiful comment. πŸ™‚


  3. oh, imagine…everything conspiring to bring me to this moment, this place, this breath…with care and tenderness…so sweet and awe-inspiring…thank you, my beloved Krishnapriya for the nudge to remember, for your company on this amazing journey of Life sublime and wondrous…wishing you blessings and love and songs of happiness and delight to day and always!

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    1. Thank you beautiful Joan. We are so blessed our Divine Beloved is preparing the way – the feast, the route, the moments and sublime life – for us to become pure and complete vessels of only love and radiant light. Isn’t it a blessing, we get to remind each other and remember together. What sweet delight, to hear your voice here, this and everything. with much love and hugs, a yellow smiling daffodil heart.


      1. yes, yes, the miracle that we are traveling together, hand in hand, with love and affection, nudging one another, teaching one another, singing and dancing together…and yellow daffodil smils, too…my heart overflows with wonder, and my soul soars above the mountains! Blessings to you!

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  4. Reminded me of every religious and spiritual pronciple that we are not alone – we are connected and we are taken care of in one way or the other – I don’t have to think but just do! Thank You so much for this reminder!!


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