The sky, you and me

The vast sky of existence
As clouds of thoughts appearRelated image
They scatter here and there
Sometimes raining tears
Of anguish and desire

Sometimes kissing the sun
A rainbow of delight appears
Ants scramble to find
The pot of gold

Lighting flashes with ecstasy
Dancing to thunder’s music

The sky alone remains
Silent, watchful, still
Holding and accepting all
In Her tender embrace of love

I am that sky, my beloved
And so are you.

Inspired by a post from Loves Beginning:
Nothing needs to change

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. oh, to be ike the vast, singular sky…welcoming and sweet! So much to think about here, as in your note…I will hold your words close and ponder their depth, their layers of meaning…blessings my beloved friend, may your dreams sing with sweetness and your day dance with the many bright hues of our Beloved One!

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    1. Thank you for your love, your blessings and sweetness. I hold your hands as we move together in this multi-hued rainbow of life. Thank you for your presence – always. smiling heart and dancing doves πŸ™‚


      1. OOOh, I just love the many-hued rainbow of life, thank you for that, and for the dancing doves…may we dance with them this day, and may our hearts sing for all to hear and join in…blessings of love and light to you!

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    1. Sweeeetest Beautiful Soundarya — Miss you, miss you, miss you! Prayers and best-est wishes for your every success, joy and happiness! Take good care of yourself and come back soon so we can help farmers together. love, love, love and huggie hug hugs. πŸ™‚


  2. Cute poem
    You are Keen observer , how beautifully you expressed each & every thing ….
    LiKed these lines very much … “They scatter here and there
    Sometimes raining tears
    Of anguish and desire”
    Keep sharing πŸ’™

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