The compass

The compass of my mind has a choiceRelated image
Chaos or calm?
The compass of my heart has a choice
fear or love?
The compass of my hands have a choice
giving or hoarding?
The compass of my life has a choice
illusion or reality?

Each moment smiles
With an opportunity
A choice

Again and again I choose
love and peace
Again and again I forget
And then I am blessed again
To choose
To come back Home
To light, love and truth
A calm mind,
A loving heart
A blessed life in eternity

Inspired by post from Love’s Beginning here:

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Beautiful. We all have that chouce. Though some are hampered by past experiences, and issues of cintrol.. but u,timately we alk have the chouce. Lively poem dearest krushna

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  2. Lovely…a gentle guide…a challenge and a nudege of instruction…thank you, sweet, beloved friend…wishing you sweetness and love and blessings galore!


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