Too busy?

Are you too busy
To smile at me?

Are you too busy Related image
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With a smile, a flower?

Are you too busy?
To feel the dew drop
of my love
As it touches your heart

Are you too busy?
To feel the gentle white feather
Dancing in the breeze,
Touching your cheek
Inviting a smile

A smile of your heart
Bringing light
To you and our universe

Are you too busy?
To smile?

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. oh such sweet reminders of our Beloved…the feather touch of wind, glint of light reflecting, there is always a smile to share…blessings for gathering them so beautifully in one bouquet to lay at our Beloved’s feet…sweetness and joy, light and love fill your cup this day and always my darling friend!

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  2. Are you too busy?
    To feel the gentle white feather…
    I love the entire poem but this line struck me strongly … with an imagery of the lightness of being that a gentle feather blowing in the breeze brought in… So many times we may have witnessed it without much thought in its direction . There may be a story behind that beautiful feather that we might have missed .
    There is much to understand and know
    There is much to witness and let go
    All we need is a little pause to breathe in between the steps we take …
    So much learnings along the way…
    Beautiful poem once again
    Thank you .🙏

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    1. Thanks so much Savvy to take the time to read and write so sweetly – our hearts are dancing together in the breeze with the white feather. i love what you write here — there is so much to witness and let go….i want to remember that (and not let it go) as i start work tomorrow. 🙂 Thank YOU – love, hugs and much gratitude. 🙂


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