Dance of Twinkling Stars

In silence I gather
All my personal energy
Scattered through this universe
In a million directions through thought
Through emotions, in the past and future
All together within as one
As light

Golden light from the heavens pours down
From the top of my head to each chakra within
Pulsating and shimmering purity in each cell, light
Compressed divine light sparkles within me, a star
In the wide horizons

I shineImage result for stars images
I smile
Send love to you
Please accept and join me
In this dance of twinkling stars

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. oh, yes! twirling in the night, twinkling, flashing, may our steps be joyous…as we all dance, united in the sweet, Music of the One, our breaths, our hearts…flittering in time like flutes and drums…Blessings my sweet Krishnapriya for your invitation…may sweetness and light dance and swirl with you this day and always!

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