The Lord’s Street: A prayer

Dear Beloved Friends,

I was cruising WP when I saw a post by my sweet friends in BeingAlive (link below) which had a picture that said “Govind ki Gali” – the street of God.

I started thinking of how to go there and these words appeared.

It is in Hindi and I am posting the recording below.

Govind ki Gali (The Lord’s Street)

Rough English translation is as follows:

One by one, a hundred thousand gardens have I roamed
One by one, a million mountains have I climbed
Here, there and everywhere, many streets have I passed by
But I never found Your street, my Lord.

One by one, very many amazing worldly sights I have seen
Seeing the beauty of Mother Nature, I have remained amazed
Uncountable stories have I heard and dramas have I watched
But your leela (divine play) I have not witnessed, my Lord

A hundred thousand wombs have I been born in
Millions of names and forms have I taken
Thousands of soul mates have I accepted
But your Divine Presence I have not found, my Lord

Today, I have but one prayer, Oh Beloved of my Soul
One humble request, only one desire
Take me to your street
Show me your divine play
Dissolve me in You
Forever and ever

Thank you, my beloved friends for your divine inspiration – today and everyday.Β  Here is a link to their post —


Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama



  1. I had read that post in the morning……thanks Krishnapriya for that beautiful translation. Blessed is one who get to witness and experience His divine play. That earnest longing will always be there….. till He decides to grant the wish!

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    1. Thanks Kunal. πŸ™‚ Guess what, i was reading a story today – a Krishna vrat which i am guessing has been translated from some Indian language – it has stories about devotees and the Lord – very sweet — and in one of the stories, the devotee is sick and the Lord send HIs prasad to his house – and guess what the prasad was — Cheese….i was really thinking – what could cheese mean? Then i saw your poem! πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh, such longing to find our Beloved…thank you for the breadcrumbs, reminding that even on the street we may find the One, even among the noise and hustle-bustle of our days…thank you, sweet, sweet Krishnapriya, blessings and much love to you!

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      1. May you find butterflies in your dreams and sweetness in you day…I am reading the stories and lingering amid the teachings…so even as you sleep, you are walking with me. Blessings, dear friend!

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