What is Poetry?

A string of words appear
In the sky of the heart
Unveiling that secondbutterfly flower 01 hd pictures
Magical emotions
The good, bad and sad
Dancing within

Yet, what sweet satisfaction
They bring to my soul
To read those very words
And see them
Smile in your heart too.

Thank you beloved friends for reading my words here and also sharing yours.

I feel blessed to participate in this sharing of hearts – beautiful and sublime – through reading and writing poetry. Thank YOU, magical writers and readers.

I wanted to share my deep gratitude to Joey Blue for sharing my blog in “Five Poetry Blogs you should meet this Winter.” Please do hop over to his blog, dip into some awesome words and enjoy the mysteries of the heart.


Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. See what a sweet, loving and joy-filled community you have gathered with your pen…I am so very grateful to be among them, dancing and singing and rejoicing with you in the Divine Lightof the One!

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    1. Thank you my beloved friend. Just thinking of dancing with you to divine music, rejoicing in love – makes my heart bloom like a lotus in the sun. Thank you for your sweet presence here – and in the journey of our life. Love, hugs and prayers fora beautiful day ahead for you! πŸ™‚

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