Our journey to Nowhere

Our life, a journey
From nowhere to nowhere

Yet how we worryjourney images साठी इमेज परिणाम
About getting somewhere
Finding something

If truth be told
Everything and everywhere
Is nowhere
But within

In the Here and in the Now
A quiet mind smiles
The heart opens
And nowhere appears
Our life, fulfilled

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Oh, so simply and perfectly stated…if only the mind/ego would yield to the flow that is serenity’s pool…blessings galore and much love to you, my sweet, sweet Krishnapriya!

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    1. Now i realize what’s in the way — ego and mind – have to shoo them off with a little duster and smile in the pure empty space of love. Thank you for your sweet insightful words – always!!! Good Morning. 🙂


  2. Only if we could realise this truth of our lives…we could live more lively and would have been alive in real sense…so beautiful words of introspection and truth..can’t thank enough for such delightful creation..😊

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